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History of city Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan in photos

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A small historical reference

Kazan - the capital of Tatarstan, located in the west of the country, a major port on the left bank of the Volga River at the confluence of the Kazanka River. Date of establishment - 1005. The first written mention - 1391. One version of the origin of the name of the city - a sorcerer advised the Bulgarians to build a city where without fire will boil boiler dug into the ground water. As a result, such a place was found on the shore of Lake Kaban. Hence the name of the city of Kazan - "cauldron" on drevnebulgarskom as in modern Bulgarian and Tatar means "pot".

Date of foundation: 1005

Population: 1 216 965

Sights: Kazan Kremlin (the beginning of the X century), Peter and Paul Cathedral, Intercession Church and bell tower of the church of St. Nicholas of Nyssa, building religious school (middle of the XVIII century), a complex of offices of the Admiralty, the Church of the Four Evangelists, the house Osokina.

Kazan. Bogoroditsky Monastery
Bogoroditsky (Our Lady) Monastery, circa 1910
Kazan. Bridge on the Khizhitsa Dam
Bridge on the Khizhitsa Dam, early 20th century
Kazan. Building of University
Building of University, left - a fur shop, 1894
Kazan. Channel Bulak
Channel Bulak during the spill, circa 1910

Kazan. Church of Cyril and Methodius
Church of Cyril and Methodius, circa 1900
Kazan. Construction of CHPP-1
Construction of CHPP-1 - construction of the canal, earthwork, circa 1930
Kazan. Medical college
Medical college, circa 1935
Kazan. Suumbike Tower
Suumbike Tower, Palace and Cathedral, circa 1910

Kazan. The corner Paris Commune
The corner of the Paris Commune and the Garazhnaya, circa 1935
Kazan. The Folk House
The Folk House of Alafuzovs, circa 1910
Kazan. Tram
Tram at Rybnoryadskaya Square, 1905
Kazan. Tram
Tram at the Theater Square, circa 1910

Kazan. View on the Lake Kaban
View on the Lake Kaban and the Old Tatar Sloboda (town district), circa 1920
Kazan. View of the Resurrection Cathedral
View of the Resurrection Cathedral, circa 1900
Kazan. Voskresenskaya street
Voskresenskaya street, artistic photo-studio of Jacobson, 1905
Kazan. Voskresenskaya street
Voskresenskaya street, view from fortress, circa 1910

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