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History of city Mozhga, Udmurt Republic (Udmurtia) in photos

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A small historical reference

Mozhga - center of Mozhginsky district of Udmurtia republic, located on the south of the country, at the confluence of the rivers Syuga and Syugailka. "Mozhga" - the name of one of the Udmurt birth. Previous name - Syuginsky plant (until 1924), Red (until 1929). The history of the city is conducted with the construction in 1835 on the river Syuga glassworks. Syuginskiy plant was built Yelabuga merchant Fyodor Grigorievich Chernov at their own expense, and the main product was a technical glass jars, figures of animals, made from quartz sand deposit which is adjacent to the settlement.

Date of foundation: 1835

Population: 49 617

Mozhga. Railway station 'Syuginskaya'
Railway station 'Syuginskaya'
Mozhga. The area of glass factory 'Light'
The area of glass factory 'Light'
Mozhga. The Executive committee
The Executive committee of the city council
Mozhga. Children's shelter
Children's shelter
Mozhga. Bridge across the river
Bridge across the river Syuginka at the factory 'Red Star'
Mozhga. Former house SA Shishkov
Former house SA Shishkov (now - correctional boarding school N7)

Mozhga. City Bath
City Bath
Mozhga. District library number 1
District library number 1
Mozhga. The first city bus
The first city bus
Mozhga. City market
City market
Mozhga. Town demonstration
Town demonstration
Mozhga. Town demonstration
Town demonstration, Lenin Street

Mozhga. First hairdressing salon Umrilova
First hairdressing salon Umrilova
Mozhga. Bookstore
Bookstore on Kommunalnaya Street
Mozhga. Bookstore
Bookstore on Kommunalnaya Street
Mozhga. District office communication
District office communication
Mozhga. The first builders of the city
The first builders of the city
Mozhga. Syuginsky glass factory
Syuginsky glass factory

Mozhga. City fire station
City fire station with observation tower
Mozhga. City fire brigade
City fire brigade
Mozhga. Savings bank
Savings bank
Mozhga. Employees of a glass factory
Employees of a glass factory
Mozhga. The dam on Syuginka creek
The dam on Syuginka creek
Mozhga. Old printing house
Old printing house

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