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History of city Pokrovsk, Sakha (Yakutia) Republic in photos

A small historical reference

Pokrovsk - center of Khangalassky ulus of Yakutia, located south of the central part of republic, on the left bank of the Lena. The city history begins with the old guard post Tygyn Darkhan. In 1703 year the hermits of the Spassky Monastery from Yakutsk moved to a new location and established a kind of branch of the monastery called the Intercession of the desert. In 1720, a church was built here. The settlement was then yamschitsky station Prilenskoye tract. In 1895 Pokrovsk became the parish center Prilenskoye peasant coachmen, includes 20 stations from Tobago to Sanyyahtaaha.

The city's economy - forestry; fur farms engaged in breeding silver foxes, sable; feed mill plant; plant of construction materials; asphalt and bitumen factory; plant for the production of basalt products.

Date of foundation: 1682

Population: 9 177

Pokrovsk. Steam Needle
Steam Needle warming of permafrost at construction of buildings

Pokrovsk. Movements of the ice on the Lena River
Movements of the ice on the Lena River

Pokrovsk. Selection station, 1950s
Selection station, 1950s

Pokrovsk. Construction of a brick factory
Construction of a brick factory

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