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History of city Abaza, Republic of Khakassia in photos

A small historical reference

Abaza - the city of Khakassia, located south of the central part of republic, in the upper reaches of the river Abakan. The town's name comes from the abbreviation "Abakanskiy zavod." Date of establishment - 1867 year. The city history begins with the development in 1856 of the Abakan iron ore deposit. In 1856, Elder beltyrskogo kind Asochakov gave merchant Kolchugin from their lands iron stone Temir-Tas that about Abakan river Kenya. 11 years Kolchugin merchant built the ironworks at the foot of mountain the New Grace. People from ulus and mines felled centuries-old taiga, punched in the rock for ore road, put houses shops. In 1867 year the blast furnace, to blow out the charcoal, it issued the first cast. Iron foundry and ironworks operated until 1926 year. From 1926 to 1957 years the deposit has not been exploited, and since 1957 year ore extraction was again resumed.

Population: 15 802

Abaza. Ironworks
Abaza. Ironworks
Abaza. Ironworks
Abaza. Construction

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