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Coat of arms Alexandrov

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A small historical reference

Geography: Alexandrov is a town and the administrative center of Alexandrovsky District in Vladimir Oblast, located 120 kilometers (75 mi) northeast of Moscow.

Date of foundation: XIV century, town status - 1778.

History: Alexandrov established in the mid-14th century and was known as Alexandrovskaya Sloboda (Александровская Слобода). It served as the capital of Russia for three months (from December 1564 to February 1565) under Tsar Ivan the Terrible until he agreed to return his court and the relics of Moscow which he had taken with him. Ivan agreed to return after the church gave him permission to found the Oprichnina.

Population: 59 787

Alexandrov. Alexander Christ Cathedral
Tsarev Mountain, Alexander Christ Cathedral
Alexandrov. Millionnaya street
Millionnaya street
Alexandrov. Railway station
Railway station
Alexandrov. Railway station
Railway station
Alexandrov. Marketplace
Alexandrov. Urban male college
Urban male college
Alexandrov. Assumption female monastery
Assumption female monastery
Alexandrov. Hotel 'Alexandrov', 1976
Hotel "Alexandrov", 1976
Alexandrov. Cinema 'Saturn'
Cinema "Saturn"
Alexandrov. Bell tower of monastery
Bell tower of monastery
Alexandrov. Blacksmiths
Alexandrov. Bridge on the River Grey
Bridge on the River Grey
Alexandrov. Railroad bridge
Railroad bridge
Alexandrov. The building of the Municipal Committee of the CPSU, 1976
The building of the Municipal Committee of the CPSU, 1976
Alexandrov. The local district council
The local district council
Alexandrov. Women's Gymnasium
Women's Gymnasium
Alexandrov. Grain row, Red side
Grain row, Red side
Alexandrov. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Alexandrov. Panorama of lake Likousha
Panorama of lake Likousha (Dichkovskiy)
Alexandrov. Panorama of Grey River
Panorama of Grey River
Alexandrov. Panorama of grove Likousha
Panorama of grove Likousha
Alexandrov. St. Basil's Cathedral of monastery
St. Basil's Cathedral of monastery
Alexandrov. Trading rows
Trading rows
Alexandrov. Lenin Street, 1976
Lenin Street, 1976

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