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A small historical reference

Alekseevka - center of Alekseevskogo district Belgorod region, located on the east of the region, on the river Quiet Pine, a tributary of the Don River. Date of establishment - 1685, town status - 1954. The city history begins with the settlement, later known as the Alekseevskaya sloboda. Serf of sloboda Alexeevka Daniil Semenovich Bokarev discovered in 1829 year a method for producing sunflower oil. In 1833, in Alekseyevka it built the first in the Russian Empire oil mill.

With the development of the production of oil mills in the late XIX century the settlement became one of the most populous settlements in the Black Earth. It operated 12 sunflower oil presses, 15 tanneries, 20 windmills, 5 churches and the same school, a pharmacy, a hospital, a lot of shops.

Population: 39 026

Alexeyevka. Street Olminskogo
Street Olminskogo
Alexeyevka. Leo Tolstoy Street
Leo Tolstoy Street
Alexeyevka. House of owner pharmacy A.I. Rozum
House of owner pharmacy A.I. Rozum
Alexeyevka. The House of Culture
The House of Culture

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