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History of city Bilibino, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation: 1955


Bilibino - center of Bilibino district of Chukotka Autonomous District, located in the northwest of the county, at the confluence of the river Big Karalveem with Keperveem river. Date of establishment - 1955. Previous name - Karalvaam (until 1956). The city history begins with the discovery in 1955 in the Valley Karalvaam first placer gold concentration in the industrial and construction of the village miners Karalvaam. February 10, 1956 small village Karalvaam was renamed Bilibino in honor of the discoverer of "Gold Kolyma" - Geologist Yury Alexandrovich Bilibin.

In the past, based in the city of one of the largest gold mining companies of the USSR - Bilibinsky mining and processing plant, as well as Anyui prospecting expedition. Now enterprises do not work, abandoned and looted. Near the town of Bilibino NPP, is the total electrical capacity of 48 MW, providing the city of electricity and thermal energy.

Population: 5 348


Bilibino. Panorama of city
Panorama of city
Bilibino. Panorama of city
Panorama of city
Bilibino. Panorama of city
Panorama of city
Bilibino. Panorama of city
Panorama of city, between 1970 and 1980

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