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A small historical reference

Date of foundation: 1705

History: Biryuch - Center of Krasnogvardeisky district of Belgorod region, located on the east of the region, on the left bank of the river Quiet Pine. Date of establishment - 1705. Previous name - Budyonny (1919-1958), Krasnogvardeiskoe (1958-2007). The city history begins with the founding in 1705 centurion Cossack Ivan Medkov "with fellow" whom was allowed to "the tightness in their former place of residence", to move to the upper reaches of the river Quiet Pines, in the tract Biryuch Yaruga. In the early XX century, the city was famous for its merchants and trade.

Sightseeing - Cathedral of the Holy Virgin, Mitrofanovskaya Church and the Church of Nativity, shopping arcade (XVIII century), the building of the Zemstvo uprava, the remains of the Belgorod defense line (XVII century).

Former names: 1919-1958 - Budyonny, 1958-2007 - Krasnogvardeiskoe

Population: 7 205

Biryuch. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Biryuch. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Biryuch. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Biryuch. Cathedral Square
Cathedral Square

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