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Coat of arms Biysk

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History of city Biysk, Altai Krai in photos

A small historical reference

Biysk - the center of Biysk in the Altai Territory, located in the east of the Altai Territory, on the banks of the river Biya, near its confluence with the river Katun. Date of establishment - 1709. Previous name - Bikatunsky jail (up to 1732). The city history begins with the signing of the decree of Peter the Great on the construction of the fortress (Bikatunskogo jail) at the source of the Ob River to protect the south-eastern borders of the Russian Empire.

By the middle of the XIX century the city became the commercial and industrial center. In Biisk begin to build processing plants on local raw materials - leather, distillery and sawmill, and mahorochnaya lnotkatskaya factory, steam mill, a fridge and a number of brick factories, as well as the semi-handicraft workshops for metal. The city is actively start functioning banks - local credit institutions, branches of the Siberian Commercial Bank, Russian-Asian Bank and the International Commercial Bank of Petrograd.

Date of foundation: 1709. Town status - 1782.

Population: 203 826

Biysk. Grove of Supreme cleric
Grove of Supreme cleric
Biysk. Metochion of Supreme cleric
Metochion of Supreme cleric, the beginning of the XX century
Biysk. Exchange of horse-car drivers
Exchange of horse-car drivers
Biysk. View of the Trinity Square
View of the Trinity Square and jetty
Biysk. House of merchant Vasenev
House of merchant Vasenev, the beginning of the XX century
Biysk. Factory of brothers Borodin
Flax spinning and weaving factory of brothers Borodin
Biysk. Shop of association 'A.F. Vtorov with sons'.
Shop of association "A.F. Vtorov with sons"
Biysk. Mill of Morozova's
Mill of Morozova's
Biysk. At marketplace
At marketplace
Biysk. Nikolaevskaya women's gymnasium
Nikolaevskaya women's gymnasium
Biysk. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Biysk. The steamship on Biysk jetty
The steamship on Biysk jetty
Biysk. City school named Pushkin
City school named Pushkin
Biysk. Old-Assumption Church
Old-Assumption Church
Biysk. Theater 'Kosmorama'
Theater "Kosmorama"
Biysk. Shopping arcade Firsov's
Shopping arcade Firsov's
Biysk. Central part of city
Central part of city
Biysk. Trinity Cathedral
Trinity Cathedral
Biysk. County exchequer
County exchequer
Biysk. Trade street
Trade street, from the left - shop of Osipov
Biysk. Trade street
Trade street, shop of Osipov, away - trade rows of Firsov
Biysk. Assumption Church
Assumption Church
Biysk. Assumption street
Assumption street
Biysk. Assumption street
Assumption street

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