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History of city Bugulma, Republic of Tatarstan in photos

A small historical reference

Bugulma - Bugulminsky center region of Tatarstan, located in the south-east of the country, near the source of the river Bugulminsky Zai. Since 1736 it is known as the Tatar village. In the 1741-45 biennium. in its place arose Bugulminsky settlement inhabited by peasants tributaries, exiled and retired soldiers. In 1781 he received the status of Bugulma county town of Ufa governorship and modern name, in 1796 became part of Orenburg, in 1850 - the Samara province.

Since the beginning of the XIX century Bugulma become an important trade center thanks to its advantageous geographical position of the city, through which the paths of the cities of Ufa and Orenburg in the city of Kazan. At fairs selling horses, cattle, raw leather, Bukhara goods, tea, camel cloth, leather, etc.

In 1890, there were 5 Bugulma churches (including 2 at the Kazan Mother of God convent), 1323 building, 2 hospitals, hospice, 3 educational institutions (town and parish male and female two-year colleges), city public bank public Garden, a district library, photograph, post and telegraph office, postal and land stations, 37 small plants (13 brick, 12 pottery, 6 creameries, 3 beverages, leather, sheepskin, and brewing).

Bugulma. Bathhouse
Bathhouse of a brick factory, circa 1970
Bugulma. Central Square
Central Square, circa 1910
Bugulma. City Square
City Square
Bugulma. House of Shelashnikov
House of the leader of the nobility Shelashnikov, circa 1900
Bugulma. House of Teacher
House of Teacher, circa 1970
Bugulma. Kazanskaya street
Kazanskaya street (now - Lenin), circa 1910
Bugulma. NikolskyCathedral
Nikolsky (Nikolayevsky) Cathedral, circa 1910
Bugulma. Panorama of the city, circa 1910
Panorama of the city, circa 1910
Bugulma. Panorama of the city, circa 1950
Panorama of the city, circa 1950
Bugulma. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Bugulma. Railway Station
Railway Station
Bugulma. The house of Afanasiev
The house of the merchant Afanasiev, circa 1900
Bugulma. The platform of railway station
The platform and building of the railway station, circa 1960
Bugulma. The Pond
The Pond
Bugulma. Ticket cashbox
Ticket cashbox of railway station
Bugulma. View of the Central Square
View of the Central Square from St. Nicholas Cathedral, circa 1910

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