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History of city Chernogorsk, Republic of Khakassia in photos

A small historical reference

Chernogorsk - a city in the Republic of Khakassia, is located in the east of the Republic. Previous name - Montenegrin mine. The city history begins in 1907 with the operation of a coal mine based Vera Arsen'evna Balandina. Near the mine construction worker Mines Montenegrin village, which consisted of two huts, half a dozen dugouts and one hospital.

The strong economy of the city only until the 90s - a few mines, cutting, woodworking plant, a plant for the production of concrete products, enterprises of light and textile industry - Artificial Leather Plant, Worsted-Cloth kombinat, factory of primary wool processing. Currently this is not functioning.

Date of foundation: 1907

Population: 74 268

Chernogorsk. Delivery of coal
Delivery of coal to Askirovskuyu haven, 1910
Chernogorsk. Movie theater 'Peace'
Movie theater 'Peace'
Chernogorsk. Conveying water, 1910
Conveying water, 1910
Chernogorsk. Mining settlement
Mining settlement

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