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History of city Davlekanovo, Republic of Bashkortostan in photos

A small historical reference

Davlekanovo - Center Davlekanovskiy Bashkortostan region, located in the central part of the country, on the river Dema. Date of foundation and the first written mention - XVIII century. The name and the history of the city begins with the name Bashkir-votchinnik Davlekana Syrtlanova and as a settlement Bashkirs Kyrkuli-Minsk region. City Davlekanovo arose from the merger of the villages and Davlekanovo and Itkulovo, as well as the village Davlekanovskiy, based at eponymous station on Samara-Zlatoust railway. The favorable geographical position Davlekanovo quickly turned into a major center of trade in grain and venue of the fair.

The first mill "Anchor" was founded in 1908 by entrepreneurs A. Peters, G. Penner and G. Thyssen. Total in the first decade of the XX century was built more than a dozen major mills. In 1913, due to loan the state bank was built elevator designed for storage of one million tons of grain. In addition to the milling industry operated enterprise for the production of bakery and confectionery products, fruit water, pottery and brick, brewery, suknovalennaya factory, a soap factory, printing, cast-iron foundry and locksmith, photography and others. Total operated 366 commercial and industrial establishments.

Population: 23 820

Davlekanovo. Railway Station
Railway Station

Davlekanovo. The arrival the train
The arrival the train at the station

Davlekanovo. Marketplace

Davlekanovo. Upper market
Upper market

Davlekanovo. Manufacturing store
Manufacturing store

Davlekanovo. Preparation of kumys
Preparation of kumys

Davlekanovo. Dwelling of Bashkirs
Dwelling of Bashkirs

Davlekanovo. School №6
School №6

Davlekanovo. Production of kumys in the village Durasovo
Production of kumys in the village Durasovo (Chishmy district)

Davlekanovo. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city

Davlekanovo. Movie theater 'Ural'
Movie theater "Ural"

Davlekanovo. Orthodox church
Orthodox church

Davlekanovo. The pioneers and athletes
The pioneers and athletes, May 1, 1925

Davlekanovo. May 1, 192?
May 1, 192?

Davlekanovo. Tractor

Davlekanovo. Trade Association
Trade Association "Hope" by the railway station

Davlekanovo. Marketplace

Davlekanovo. Central Street
Central Street

Davlekanovo. Panorama of the mosque
Panorama of the mosque and the mill "Anchor"

Davlekanovo. German quarter
German quarter

Davlekanovo. Flour milling plant
Flour milling plant number 5 (built in 1912 years)

Davlekanovo. The post-war city
The post-war city

Davlekanovo. Construction of the grain elevator number 1
View from the mountain at construction of the grain elevator number 1

Davlekanovo. The family of wealthy citizens
The family of wealthy citizens of Davlekanovo


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