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History of city Dyurtyuli, Republic of Bashkortostan in photos

A small historical reference

Dyurtyuli - center of Dyurtyulinsky District of Republic Bashkortostan, located on the left bank of the White River, a tributary of the Kama River. Date of foundation and the first written mention - 1795. The city history begins with the four Russian merchants - Mitrofan Yakovlevich Trapeznikova, Nikita Avdeyevich Dyakonova, Vasily Petrovich Chistyakov and Philip Vasilevich - founded the settlement for four houses. Hence the name of the city - "Dүrtөylө" - "four homes". In the early days of its development was Dyurtyuli village with jetty and several enterprises for the processing and storage of agricultural products (butter factory, the wheat elevator and some others.). A powerful impetus to the development of the city has given rise to elaboration of oil fields and the Oil and Gas Management Organization "Chekmagushevskoe."

Population: 30 986

Dyurtyuli. Sending parcels to the front, 1942
Sending parcels to the front, 1942


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