Old photos of Grozny Chechen Republic
Coat of arms Grozny

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History of city Grozny Chechen Republic in photos

A small historical reference

Grozny - the capital of Chechnya, Grozny district center, located on the north of the country, on both banks of the Sunzha River, a tributary of the Terek River. Date of establishment - 1818. Previous name - Fortress Grozny (from 1818 to 1869), Ivan (1869). The city history begins with the founding of the fortress Terrible at the entrance to Khankala Gorge (the tract Khan Kale).

In 1840, the fortress military service Tenghinka Lieutenant Infantry Regiment poet Mikhail Lermontov. In the early 1890s near the town began production of oil and 6 October 1893 was drilled the first oil well.

Interesting fact - were born in Grozny:

Muslim Magometovich Magomaev - Azerbaijani Soviet composer and conductor, one of the founders of Azerbaijani classical music, the grandfather of the singer Muslim Magomayev;

Mikhail Dmitrievich Millionshchikov - Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, a specialist in the field of aero-hydrodynamics, applied physics and nuclear energy;

Lyudmila Ivanovna Turishcheva - 4-time Olympic champion in gymnastics;

Serge (Sergei Issakovich) Chermaev - English and American architect, co-founder of the American League of planners and architects.

Date of foundation: 1818

Population: 287 410

Grozny. Kerosene plant
Kerosene plant of Ahverdov
Grozny. Cooperative Street
Cooperative Street, circa 1920's
Grozny. Kupecheskaya street
Kupecheskaya street
Grozny. Mosque and Synagogue
Mosque and Synagogue
Grozny. Airport, circa 1970
Airport, circa 1970
Grozny. Belikovsky Bridge
Belikovsky Bridge, circa 1960s
Grozny. Buryatinskaya street
Buryatinskaya street, real college
Grozny. View with Assumption Cathedral
View with Assumption Cathedral
Grozny. Palace of pioneers
Palace of pioneers
Grozny. City Council
City Council, circa 1930's
Grozny. Movie theatre behalf of Chelyuskintsev, 1949
Movie theatre behalf of Chelyuskintsev, 1949
Grozny. Cinema 'Rodina'
Cinema "Rodina"
Grozny. Alexander Street
Alexander Street, Red Gate
Grozny. Groznaya Fortress
Groznaya Fortress
Grozny. Entrance to the city
Entrance to the city
Grozny. Railway station
Railway station
Grozny. The hotel 'France'
The hotel "France"
Grozny. Red Gate
Red Gate
Grozny. Bathing on the river Sunzha
Bathing on the river Sunzha
Grozny. Mosque and Synagogue
Mosque and Synagogue
Grozny. The building of a public meeting
The building of a public meeting
Grozny. Tram on the street Peace
Tram on the street Peace
Grozny. House of working village
House of working village on the old oil fields
Grozny. Houses of working village
Houses of working village in Zavodskoy district

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