Old photos of Ishimbay, Republic of Bashkortostan
Coat of arms Ishimbay

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History of city Ishimbay, Republic of Bashkortostan in photos

A small historical reference

Ishimbai - center of Ishimbaisky district of Republic Bashkortostan, in the south of the republic, on the banks of Rivers White and Tayruk. Date of establishment - 1932. The city history begins with the village Ishimbayevo, founded in 1815 Ishimbai Akberdina (in his honor named the city) and the discovery of oil deposits ("second Baku"). May 16, 1932 well № 702 throw out the first fountain of industrial oil. This date is the beginning of the formation of the oil industry of Bashkiria. It organized the first in the Volga region and the Urals oil field. In 1936 he built the first in Bashkortostan and on the east refinery.

Ishimbai is a major industrial center - Machinery Plant (formerly Baku), Machine-Building Plant (former Grozny gasoline), petrochemical plant number 18, hosiery factory, knitting factory, experimental mechanical plant, transport engineering, Plant of oilfield equipment, specialty chemicals plant catalysts and others.

Population: 65 822

Ишимбай. The first working train
At the station Ishimbayevo arrived the first working train, September 12, 1934

Ишимбай. Oil derricks
Oil derricks

Ишимбай. Oil derricks
Oil derricks

Ишимбай. Settlement Ishimbay, 1930s
Settlement Ishimbay, 1930s


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