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A small historical reference

Kargopol - the center of the Kargopol District of the Arkhangelsk Region, located in the south-west of region, on the left bank of the Onega River, 3 kilometers from its source from the lake Lache. Date written mention under name of Cargo field - 1447 year. Since the end of the XV century Kargopol became a place of exile. In the time of Ivan III's were exiled here families prisoners Tatar khans.

Over time Kargopol became a significant trading town. Through him was the trade with salt and fish Pomor'e. Apart from local merchants salt floated forest outbid furs supplied iron. Neighborhood of the city were rich deposits of iron ore. In the XIX century the main industry - processing squirrel furs, that came true at the Nizhny Novgorod Fair. In the 70-ies of the XIX century was manufactured up to 2 million pieces of squirrel skins.

Population: 10 052

Kargopol. Church
Church of the Introduction of the Blessed Virgin
Kargopol. Spiritual school
Spiritual school
Kargopol. Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ
Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ
Kargopol. View from the bell tower
View from the bell tower of the city

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