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History of city Kotlas, Arkhangelsk Oblast in photos

A small historical reference

Kotlas - center of Kotlas district of the Arkhangelsk region, located in the south of the region, on the banks of the river Vychegda, in a place where it flows into the Northern Dvina River. Date of establishment - 1890 year. Previous name - Kodlas. The city history begins with the construction of the railway Perm-Kotlas, for the delivery of goods to the town pier.

At the end of the XIX century Kotlas was the largest railway station. The banks of the Northern Dvina have been strengthened, and at the bottom, near the river, to the piers were laid rails. Cargo arriving in Kotlas railway, then went to Arkhangelsk on ships. And to this day the foundation of the economy of the city - the railway and related businesses (engineering and metalworking, timber and woodworking industry, food).

Population: 61 512

Kotlas. Wharf

Kotlas. River station, 1950s
River station, 1950s

Kotlas. River station, 1950s and wharf, 1930s
River station, 1950s and wharf, 1930s

Kotlas. Warehouses on the bank
Warehouses on the bank of the Northern Dvina River


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