Old photos of Kumertau, Republic of Bashkortostan
Coat of arms Kumertau

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History of city Kumertau, Republic of Bashkortostan in photos

A small historical reference

Kumertau - a city in the Republic of Bashkortostan, located in the southwest of the republic, near the White River. Date of establishment - 1947. Earlier, unofficial name - the village Babay. The city history begins with the industrial development of Verhne-Babayevskiy South Ural lignite basin. City Name "Coomer-Tau, Kumertau" is translated from the Turkic as "Coal Mountain".

February 26, 2009 liquidated Combine brown coal "Bashkirugol." Basis of the city's economy - Aviation Enterprise for the production of civil and military helicopters Kamov Design Bureau named. Previously operated - plant industrial military robots "Iskra" (production of rolling mills, bakery equipment, etc.), Briquette factory, food (fish and etc.) Industry.

Population: 61 312

Kumertau. House of Pioneers
House of Pioneers

Kumertau. Monument to Mayakovsky
Monument to Mayakovsky

Kumertau. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city

Kumertau. Lenin street
Lenin street


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