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History of city Lensk, Sakha (Yakutia) Republic in photos

A small historical reference

Lensk - the center of Lensky district of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), located in the southwest of the republic , on the left bank of the Lena River. Date of establishment - 1663. Previous name - Muhtuya. The city history begins with the settlement of "industrial" people at the site of the Evenki camp Muhtuy. In the XVIII century for maintenance the 2nd Kamchatka expedition of Bering was established coachman postal station Muhtuya.

The rapid growth of the city began in the mid XX century and is linked to the discovery and development of diamond deposits in the basin Viluy. The village Muhtuy was the closest (230 km) locations to the kimberlite pipe "Mir", so it became a base for the construction of the city of Mirny. The basis of the economy of the city - the river and road transport.

First mention: 1663

History: Previous names - Mukhtui

Population: 23 660

Lensk. Diamond mining open way
Diamond mining open way
Lensk. Forest enterprise
Forest enterprise
Lensk. The township Muhtuya
The township Muhtuya
Lensk. River port
River port

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