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Coat of arms Narimanov

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History of city Narimanov, Astrakhan Oblast in photos

A small historical reference

Narimanov - center of Narimanov district of Astrakhan region, located south central part of the area on the right bank of the Volga. Date of establishment - 1963 year. Previous name - Water-separator, Nizhnevolzhskiy, Nizhnevolzhsk. The city history begins with the construction of water separator, hatcheries, rearing farms nerestno-reclamation and the eastern part of the Volga. For builders water-separator was founded by village in the end of August 1964 has been deposited 5 barracks and in end of November more 5.

In 1977 year begins construction of a plant for the production of the topsides of fixed offshore platforms. The foundation of the economy of the city Is shipyard "Lotus".

Population: 11 139

Narimanov. Panorama of the settlement Nizhnevolzhsky
Panorama of the settlement Nizhnevolzhsky

Narimanov. Panorama of the settlement Nizhnevolzhsky
Panorama of the settlement Nizhnevolzhsky, 1965

Narimanov. The first launch of cross-sections
In 1973 year was promoted to the first launch of cross-sections

Narimanov. Cleaning up in the hospital
Cleaning up in saturday by the hospital of the village Nizhnevolzhsky


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