Old photos of Okha (Okhe), Sakhalin Oblast
Coat of arms Okha

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History of city Okha (Okhe), Sakhalin Oblast in photos

A small historical reference

Okha - the city in the Sakhalin region, located in the north of Sakhalin Island. The first written mention - 1908. Previous name - Ohe. Name Ohi - Vyrgyt - translated from language Nivkh as a "rotten place". The city history begins with the discovery in 1880 of oil field, near which grew a working village. In 1920-25 year the village was occupied by the Japanese. The first commercial oil was produced only in 1921 year. Many old-timers think the founding year of Ohi - 1925 year. Today Okha - a major center of the oil and gas industry of Sakhalin.

Date of foundation: 1880 and 1925. The first mention - 1908. Town status - 1938

Population: 21 081

Okha. The first drilling rig, 1928
The first drilling rig, 1928
Okha. Narrow-gauge railway
Narrow-gauge railway
Okha. State Bank
State Bank
Okha. Men's hostel
Men's hostel beside the city park
Okha. The first tents of oilmen, 1928
The first tents of oilmen, 1928
Okha. Cooperative shop, 1928
Cooperative shop, 1928
Okha. Panorama oil field from an airplane, 30s
Panorama oil field from an airplane, 30s
Okha. Derricks, 30s
Derricks, oil storage tanks, boiler, 30s

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