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A small historical reference

Rubtsovsk - Center Rubtsovsk district of the Altai Territory, in the south of the region, on the border with the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the left bank of the river Aley (a tributary of the Ob River). Date of establishment - 1892. The first written mention - 1886. Previous name - Rubtsov. The city is named after its founder, Mikhail Alexeyevich Rubtsov, a retired soldier, peasant migrant from Samara province. Before World War I the village Rubtsovo industry consisted of a candle factory, a mill under construction and railway track Novonikolayevsk - Semipalatinsk.

The sharp increase in the industrial potential of the city occurred during the Great Patriotic War - here were evacuated Odessa Agricultural Machinery Plant, and Kharkov tractor plant. Later, in the 1950 - 1980 years, in the city began to operate a dairy factory, a furniture factory, a machine-building factory, garment factory and others.

Date of foundation: 1892. Town status - 1927.

Population: 146 386

Rubtsovsk. Marketplace

Rubtsovsk. The opening day of the store
The opening day of the store March 1, 1928

Rubtsovsk. The House of Culture
ДThe House of Culture "Selmash"

Rubtsovsk. Kirovskaya school, 1960
Kirovskaya school, 1960


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