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History of city Samara, Samara Oblast in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation: 1586, with 1935 to 1991 - Kuybyshev


Population: 1 169 719


Samara. Alekseevskaya Square, 1904
Alekseevskaya Square, 1904
Samara. Exchange
Samara. Circus and theater 'Olympus', 1915
Circus and theater 'Olympus', 1915
Samara. Villa of Annaev 1910
Villa of Annaev 1910
Samara. Commercial house, 1917
Commercial apartment house of Yegorov-Andreev on Predtechenskaya street, 1917
Samara. House of Vinnik, 1917
House of Vinnik and pharmacy of Al'perten on Dvoryanskaya street, 1917
Samara. Houses built by German prisoners of war, 1955
Houses built by German prisoners of war, 1955
Samara. Dvoryanskaya Street
Dvoryanskaya Street, villa of Klodt
Samara. Dvoryanskaya Street, 1917
Dvoryanskaya Street, 1917
Samara. Between the streets of Panskaya and Bazarnaya, 1917
Between the streets of Panskaya (Moskatelnaya) and Bazarnaya (Zavodskaya), 1917
Samara. County court
County court and monument to Alexander II
Samara. Mansion of Aref'ev, 1900
Mansion of Aref'ev, 1900
Samara. Panorama of the city, 1894
Panorama of the city from the bell tower of the Ascension Cathedral, 1894
Samara. Panorama of the city, 1915
Panorama of the city, 1915
Samara. Panskaya Street
Panskaya Street
Samara. The crossroads of the Zavodskaya and the embankment, 1913
The crossroads streets of the Zavodskaya (now Wentseka) and the embankment of the Volga River (now Maxim Gorky), 1913
Samara. Agency, 1910
Agency of the International Company machines of reaper, 1910
Samara. The Real College, 1908
The Real College of Emperor Alexander III, 1908
Samara. Saratovskaya street
Saratovskaya street and the Catholic church
Samara. The Public Garten, 1910
The Public Garten and the monument to Alexander II, 1910
Samara. Troitskiy Bazaar, 1917
Troitskiy Bazaar, 1917
Samara. Street of Leo Tolstoy, 1915
Street of Leo Tolstoy. People's House of named Pushkin, 1915
Samara. Uralskaya Street, 1926
Uralskaya Street, 1926
Samara. Zhigulevsky brewery, 1909
Zhigulevsky brewery, 1909

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