Old photos of Shakhtyorsk (Tōro), Sakhalin Oblast
Coat of arms Shakhtyorsk

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History of city Shakhtyorsk (Tōro), Sakhalin Oblast in photos

A small historical reference

Geography: Shakhtyorsk is a town in Uglegorsk District of Sakhalin Oblast, located on the western coast of the Sakhalin Island, 376 kilometers (234 mi) northwest of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Date of foundation: after 1905

History: Shakhtyorsk was founded as Tōro, in the region then known as the Karafuto Prefecture of Japan. After the Soviet Union gained control over the southern part of the Sakhalin Island in August 1945, it became part of Sakhalin Oblast. It was granted town status and given its present name in 1947.

Population: 6 911

Photos from the personal archives of Valery Bulimov, Svetlana Savina, Gregory Ermakov, Igor Korolev and Leonid Korotkov.

Shakhtyorsk. Dwelling houses №3 and №4, 1985
Dwelling houses №3 and №4, the Street of Peace, 1985

Shakhtyorsk. House of Culture 'Miner', 1976
House of Culture 'Miner', 1976

Shakhtyorsk. House of Culture 'Miner', 1990
House of Culture 'Miner', 1990

Shakhtyorsk. Street 3rd September, 1972
Street 3rd September. The road to the mine 'Uglegorskaya', 1972

Shakhtyorsk. The building of middle school №3, 1976
The building of middle school №3, 1976

Shakhtyorsk. The new building of school №1, 1959
The new building of school №1, 1959

Shakhtyorsk. The middle school №3, 1976
The middle school №3 from the height of the hill, 1976

Shakhtyorsk. Construction kindergarten 'Fontanelle', 1990
Construction kindergarten 'Fontanelle', followed by - the House of Culture, 1990


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