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Coat of arms Shimanovsk

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A small historical reference

Geography: Shimanovsk is a town in Amur Oblast, located on the Bolshaya Pyora River (a right-hand tributary of the Zeya), 250 kilometers (160 mi) northwest of Blagoveshchensk.

Date of foundation: 1910. Town status - 1950.

History: Shimanovsk was founded in 1910 as the settlement the Pyora near railway, in 1914 it was renamed Gondatti in honor of the general-governor, ethnographer Nikolai Gvondatti (1860-1946). In 1920 the settlement was renamed in Vladimir-Szymanowski in honor of the revolutionary, railway engineer Vladimir Shimanovsky (1882-1918), shot during the Civil War in Blagoveshchensk.

Population: 18 810

Photos from the family archive TY Lavrynovych

Shimanovsk. Central Post Office
Central Post Office

Shimanovsk. Movie Theater 'Vostok', right - shooting range
Movie Theater 'Vostok', right - shooting range

Shimanovsk. New building of department store
New building of department store

Shimanovsk. Old building of department store
Old building of department store


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