Old photos of Shumerlya, Chuvash Republic

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History of city Shumerlya, Chuvash Republic in photos

A small historical reference

Shumerlya - center of Shumerlinsky District of Chuvash Republic, located in the west of the Republic, on the banks of the river Sura. The city history begins in 1916 with the railway station Shumerlya on the railway Moscow-Kazan, named for the nearby village Shumerlya.

The economic potential of the city is enterprises of mechanical engineering (plant vans and Special Vehicle Plant producing standardized vans, vehicles with special bodies - a car, a dining room, ambulance and so on. D.) And light industry (leather goods factory, garment factory), food industry (bakery, creamery, meat and Food Factory).

Date of foundation: 1916

Population: 29 553

Shumerlya. Kindergartens
Shumerlya. Palace of Pioneers
Palace of Pioneers
Shumerlya. City building of gynecology
City building of gynecology (from 1936 to 1966)
Shumerlya. Hotel
Shumerlya. Forest-industrial co-operative 'Toiler'
Forest-industrial co-operative 'Toiler'
Shumerlya. The fire department of the plant, 1932
The fire department of the plant, 1932
Shumerlya. The old building of the fire department of the plant
The old building of the fire department of the plant
Shumerlya. Stalin street
Stalin street

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