Old photos of Slavgorod, Altai Krai
Coat of arms Slavgorod

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History of city Slavgorod, Altai Krai in photos

A small historical reference

Geography: Slavgorod is a town in Altai Krai, located between Lakes Sekachi and Bolshoye Yarovoye.

Date of foundation: 1910. Town status - 1914.

History: The foundation of the city was promoted by the reform carried out in tsarist Russia by the minister-reformer Pyotr Arkadievich Stolypin. A large number of residents of the Central part of Russia rushed to Western Siberia, where all interested persons were provided with land for agriculture.

Population: 30 370

Slavgorod. Church
Slavgorod. Former prison
Former prison
Slavgorod. Movie Theater 'Avangard', 1967
Movie Theater 'Avangard', 1967
Slavgorod. Old city 'prospect' and elevator
Old city 'prospect' and elevator
Slavgorod. One of the private houses
One of the private houses
Slavgorod. PA Stolypin and AV Krivoshein, 1910
PA Stolypin and AV Krivoshein in the settlement Slavgorod in the autumn of 1910
Slavgorod. The house of the merchant AI Vinokourov
The house of the merchant AI Vinokourov
Slavgorod. Tower of deep drilling
Tower of deep drilling

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