Old photos of Tula, Tula Oblast
Coat of arms Tula

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History of city Tula, Tula Oblast in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation: 1146


Population: 485 930


Tula. The Alexander Nevsky Church
The Alexander Nevsky Church
Tula. Church of the Kremlin
Church of the Tula Kremlin
Tula. The house named after Emperor Alexander II
The house named after Emperor Alexander II (Library)
Tula. Road to the railway station
Road to the railway station
Tula. The Nobility Assembly
The Nobility Assembly
Tula. Gryazenskaya street
Gryazenskaya street, Factory of Batashov
Tula. The Imperial Weapons Factory
The Imperial Weapons Factory
Tula. Kaluzhskaya street
Kaluzhskaya street
Tula. Kievskaya street
Kievskaya street, the house of Ermolaev-Zverev
Tula. Kursky railway station
Kursky railway station
Tula. Mendeleevskaya street
Mendeleevskaya street
Tula. Millionnaya Street
Millionnaya Street
Tula. The People's House
The People's House
Tula. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Tula. Petrovskaya street
Petrovskaya street
Tula. Posolskaya street
Posolskaya street and Teachers' Institute
Tula. Posolskaya street
Posolskaya street, Trading Rows
Tula. Pyatnitskaya street
Pyatnitskaya street
Tula. Seminary
Tula. Trinity Street
Trinity Street, Spiritual Consistory
Tula. State Bank
Tula Branch of the State Bank
Tula. Arsenalnaya Street
Arsenalnaya Street to the Ryazhsky Railway Station
Tula. Second female gymnasium
Second female gymnasium
Tula. Iron bridge and Cast-iron bridge
Iron bridge and (in the distance) Cast-iron bridge

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