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Coat of arms Ulyanovsk

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History of city Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk Oblast in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation: 1648, previous names - before 1780 - Sinbirsk, until 1924 - Simbirsk


Population: 624 518


Ulyanovsk. Bolshaya Saratovskaya street
Bolshaya Saratovskaya street and the Temple of the Ascension
Ulyanovsk. Bolshaya Saratovskaya street
БBolshaya Saratovskaya street. Theological Seminary
Ulyanovsk. The Big street
The Big street
Ulyanovsk. Demidov Lyceum, 1894
Demidov Lyceum, 1894
Ulyanovsk. Nobles' house
Nobles' house and Karamzin library
Ulyanovsk. Noble boarding-hostel
Noble boarding-hostel named after Emperor Nicholas II
Ulyanovsk. Diocesan House, 1894
Diocesan House, 1894
Ulyanovsk. Goncharovskaya street
Goncharovskaya street, left side
Ulyanovsk. Cadet Corps
Cadet Corps
Ulyanovsk. The Cathedral, 1894
The Cathedral, 1894
Ulyanovsk. Treasury Department
Treasury Department
Ulyanovsk. Kirpichnikovsky shelter
Kirpichnikovsky shelter
Ulyanovsk. Commissariatskaya street
Commissariatskaya street, the new cadet corps
Ulyanovsk. Summer Cathedral
Summer Cathedral
Ulyanovsk. St. Nicholas Church, 1894
St. Nicholas Church, 1894
Ulyanovsk. Monument to the historian Karamzin
Monument to the historian Karamzin
Ulyanovsk. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Ulyanovsk. Panorama of the square
Panorama of the square
Ulyanovsk. The steamship pier
The steamship pier "Caucasus and Mercury"
Ulyanovsk. Pokrovskaya street
Pokrovskaya street
Ulyanovsk. State Bank
Simbirsk Branch of the State Bank
Ulyanovsk. County Zemstvo Administration
County Zemstvo Administration
Ulyanovsk. Ascension Cathedral
Ascension Cathedral
Ulyanovsk. Railway station
Railway station

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