Old photos of Vilyuysk, Sakha (Yakutia) Republic
Coat of arms Vilyuysk

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History of city Vilyuysk, Sakha (Yakutia) Republic in photos

A small historical reference

Vilyuisk - center of Vilyuysky ulus of Yakutia, located west of the central part of the republic, on the right bank of the river Viluy, a tributary of the Lena River. Date of establishment - 1634. Previous name - Olensk (until 1821). The city history begins with the wintering Top Vilyui, the first Russian settlement on the river Viluy, point of collection tribute and an outpost of development of Russian Cossacks Basin Viluy. It was founded in the spring of 1634 year Posnik Ivanov (Ivanov Posnik Gubar) with the Yeniseian Cossacks.

The basis of the city's economy - forestry item, construction companies, concrete plant, production workshop arbolita and concrete products, river wharf. In Vilyuysky District production natural gas.

Population: 10 234

Vilyuysk. Panorama of the city, XIX century
Panorama of the city, XIX century
Vilyuysk. Shop of N.A. Rastorguev
Shop of N.A. Rastorguev
Vilyuysk. Rastorguevsky bridge
Rastorguevsky bridge
Vilyuysk. Church of Panteleymon on the territory of the leprosarium
Church of Panteleymon on the territory of the leprosarium

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