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History of city Vyazemsky, Khabarovsk Krai in photos

A small historical reference

Vyazemsky - center of Vyazemsky district of the Khabarovsk Territory, located in the south of the region, on the border with China. The town is named after the engineer Orest Polienovicha Vyazemsky, head of construction of the Ussuri railway. The city history begins with the 15 peasants - immigrants and Exiles and two Cossacks. They cleared and drained the occupied area, making it suitable not only for settlements, but also for farming. Further development of the town has received in connection with the construction of the second phase of the Ussuri railway.

In 1924 it was created Vyazemskij LPH. After starting Dormidontovskogo timber plant (1931) Vyazemsky area has also become an important center of the forest industry. In city located managing the timber industry, have been built a large brick factory, electrical workshops of communication and power, open diversified cooperative and other enterprises.

Date of foundation: 1895

Population: 13 187

Vyazemsky. Church of St. Nicholas, 1901
Church of St. Nicholas, 1901
Vyazemsky. Elementary School
Elementary School, on the 2nd floor the office of forest department

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