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History of city Yadrin, Chuvash Republic in photos

A small historical reference

Yadrin - center of Yadrinsky district of Chuvashia, located in the northwest of republic, on the banks of the river Sura. Previous name - Yadrinsky. The city history begins with the military-feudal fortifications on the eastern outskirts of the Russian Empire. The first inhabitants - archers, gunners, knights and other soldiers, whose numbers in the first half of XVII century reached 195 people. At the beginning of the XVIII century, the city lost the military watchdog value and the main occupation of the inhabitants was agriculture, commerce and handicrafts.

The modern economy Yadrin - machine works, industrial combine, distillery (closed), a brick factory, meat, dairy, near the city, on the bank of the Sura, is Chuvash stud. Attractions - Mihailoarhangelskaya church (end of XVII - the beginning of the XVIII century), Trinity Church (1829), home of the XIX century (the building of the former secondary school, the Treasury, email, and other regional library).

Date of foundation: 1590

Population: 8 451

Yadrin. Bus number 1
Bus number 1 at the Park Krupskaya stopping
Yadrin. The library, 1960s
The library is the former home of merchant Derstuganov, 1960s
Yadrin. City college
City college
Yadrin. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Yadrin. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city
Yadrin. Plant to production of alcohol
Plant to production of alcohol
Yadrin. Real college
Real college
Yadrin. Students of a real college on an excursion
Students of a real college
Yadrin. Fair
Yadrin. Female gymnasium
Female gymnasium
Yadrin. Female gymnasium, 4th grade
Female gymnasium, 4th grade
Yadrin. Winter panorama of the city
Winter panorama of the city

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