Old photos of Yanaul, Republic of Bashkortostan
Coat of arms Yanaul

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History of city Yanaul, Republic of Bashkortostan in photos

A small historical reference

Yanaul - center Yanaul district of Bashkortostan Republic, located in the northwest of the republic, the rivers Yanaulka and Bui. Date of establishment - 1914. The first written mention - 1750. The town's name comes from the Turkic Yanauyl: Yana - the "new" Aul - "village". The city history begins with the construction in 1909-1914 years railway road Moscow-Ekaterinburg. The line went between Yanaul and the nearby village of Ivanaevo, was opened railway station Yanaul.

In the 60-ies of XX century in the Yanaul district found oil, which gave new impetus to industrial development Yanaul. NGDU "Krasnokholmskneft" became the main enterprise. Economic development of the city also contributed Yanaul elevator, kombinat for the production of butter and cheese, fruit and vegetable canning plant, bakery, meat and other enterprises.

Population: 25 894

Yanaul. Demonstration

Yanaul. District Communications Center
District Communications Center

Yanaul. School

Yanaul. Panorama of the city
Panorama of the city


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